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Fleet Leasing in Alberta

Fleet Vehicle Solutions for Alberta Business

What sets Alberta’s Best Finance and Lease apart from the competition?

Alberta's Best Finance & Lease is Alberta based and centrally located in Red Deer allowing our team to provide Alberta fleets a level of service the competition simply cannot offer. If you operate a fleet in the West you have likely worked with either a National Leasing Company OR a Local dealer. Both these options can present challenges for you. By fully understanding these challenges Alberta's Best Finance & Lease has designed better fleet vehicle solutions for the Alberta based fleet.

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Fleet leasing solutions in Alberta

Who do you use now? The National Fleet Leasing Company

In the Canadian fleet market place the competition has become focused on becoming “everything to everyone everywhere”. This national model grinds cost out of the equation through the centralization of sales support and customer service, often in Toronto or the USA. This 1-800 model is supported by a large network of unempowered “sales branches”.

These sales branches are driven to expand product penetration under the pretext of “Total Fleet Management” designed to grow the lease companies revenue line! These national programs try to steer your business towards their own dealer network and continually grind the local dealer for reduced costs and pressure the same dealers and service providers for kickbacks. Both affect the level of service the end user receives and muddy the transparency in pricing and in the end the local fleet pays more.

Eventually Western Canadian based fleets find themselves paying for a variety of products and services they really don’t need or could handle locally in a more cost-efficient manner.

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Who do you use now? The Local Dealer

Alberta dealers are some of the best and most trusted dealers in the country. Many fleets have long term relationships with their local dealer and have always leaned on this relationship for their fleet vehicle requirements.

This type of relationship presents a unique set of challenges.The local dealer typically represents a single brand and as such has developed a product biased and single product expertise. These types of relationships tend to limit a fleet’s contact with the manufacturers’ fleet department, when in fact fleets can benefit from a relationship with the manufacturer.

Finance and Leasing programs offered at these dealers are often not managed or controlled by the dealer. This creates another layer as an outside third party now holds the paper. This means a loss of control and reduced client support. At the same time another supplier is now in the mix and this always means extra fees and costs to the client.

Finally, a dealer’s true focus is on retail sales. All departments are very much a MSRP down pricing philosophy. A fleet should always work on a cost-plus basis. Without this approach, true transparency is simply just not there. This business is frequently called Fleetail and often has dealer-based fleet reps driven to service fleet customer with retail programs, retail pricing and existing inventory and this typically leads to Fleets paying more

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Alberta Fleet Leasing Solutions for your business
Fleet leasing solutions in Alberta


At Alberta's Best Finance & Lease we understand the challenges dealing with a National Leasing Company or the local dealer can present to fleets operating in Western Canada. We recognize the opportunity to build on the best of both options.

Our team is local, we know trucks and truly understand the unique challenges of operating a fleet in the Western region. We have long term relationships with fleet departments at Ford, GM and Chrysler (FCA) and preferred relationships with a long list of Western Canadian based dealers. All this makes Alberta's Best Finance & Lease a truly all makes and models fleet business. We can provide support whether you lease, finance or purchase your fleet vehicles.

Part of the Alberta's Best Finance & Lease fleet solution can easily include your local dealer as we understand the importance of this relationship. As a complement to this we are in a unique position of having our own local fleet inventory. Access to this can often save you time and money.

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1 – 800 is not customer service and typically comes with centralized decision making, often out east or even in the USA. At the same time a fleet sales department tied to a retail operation can also hinder fleet customer service. At Alberta's Best Finance & Lease local ownership and management removes the bottlenecks and challenges both of these structures can present.

At Alberta's Best Finance & Lease we are prepared to come to your place of business as often as required. We pride ourselves in taking the time to know our customers and understand the challenges specific to your fleet operations. We leverage in house experience to design solutions with your requirements and challenges in mind. Alberta's Best Finance & Lease has the ability to leverage many retail programs when they are better suited to the end user. In our experience these programs can often benefit even the largest of fleets and these programs are simply not available to most lease companies.

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Fleet Leasing in Alberta for your business
Find Fleet Leasing Solutions for your Business


Alberta's Best Finance & Lease will be easy to do business with. We work to uncomplicate fleet processes. It starts with Alberta's Best Finance & Lease's invoice-based pricing that provides true transparency in understanding all acquisition costs. Furthermore, we understand Fleet Management Company (FMC), programs and services and can assist to highlight true costs of these programs and show where the money is really hidden. Alberta's Best Finance & Lease will work with fleet managers to scrutinize, investigate, and highlight true costs of these programs and develop low cost alternative solutions when required.

Alberta’s Best Finance and Lease welcomes the opportunity to review your current fleet processes and earn the right to assist you in your next and ongoing vehicle requirements.

By focusing on the Western Canadian Market, we are able to provide solutions and deliver a level of service not possible by the competition that is trying to be “everything to everyone everywhere.

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